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“You don’t need the self.” – Someone commenting one some other guy’s buggy code. Profound knowledge is everywhere.

I’m bloody serious though. And as the title suggests, pretty much anything you may ever want or need is everywhere. It’s not like “oh hold on let me just get my everything” though, things usually aren’t directly accessible. But the means to access them are always there. Think about that for a second while I insert the “read more” tag after a very short first paragraph, and set up the rest of this “bound to be fluffy” post.

Given it some thought? Huh, “bullshit” you say? Hah. Think some more, sucker. Okay I didn’t mean that, and I honestly can’t blame you. Even I myself still find it a bit of a stretch. But then again, traveling to the moon also was a bit of a stretch back in medieval times. And yet through the magic that is the human mind, we created a way of getting there. It also won’t be long before we start setting up colonies on Mars. Who would’ve thought?

You’re probably still not seeing my point. Don’t worry, neither am I. So let’s run through this one step at a time. Say we want to create anti-gravity so we can make cool hover-boards and such. The technology for it may not be within reach, but we can most certainly do research related to what gives particles mass. We’re already doing that, actually. And who knows where everything’ll go once we learn more about the things. Maybe we can invert the stuff that gives weight to make something… anti-heavy! From there getting to hover-boards is pretty easy, right?

I’m starting to lose myself in this. Still, you have to admit, is sounds pretty deep, and actually makes a bunch of sense if you tackle it from the right angle. There’s opportunities in everything, new discoveries can be made everywhere. Life is so exciting! (Not the same daily routine most of us go through though, that stuff’s mighty boring.)

You know what else is everywhere? Setups for bad and/or dirty jokes.
~ Fang


  • 10/09/2013 (6:50 AM)

    And that’s why I believe in the quote “No excuses”. If you want to get something done, you will find a way. You can become a master in nearly anything, especially with the Internet at your fingertips.

  • 09/09/2013 (11:45 PM)

    Don’t forget the magical art of the bad dirty joke. I would have agreed with you if you said that the sum of human knowledge is everywhere because the vast majority of it is. Google and other (and better) search engines will tell you pretty much everything you want to know or where to find it. I actually did a blog post about that myself. A vast majority of things are within reach though and a lot of the things that were pipe dreams maybe even only 10 years ago are closer to reality than ever before.

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