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29 09 13

Caves, p34

It’s that time again already. Let’s see what our wandering idiots are up to this time. (previous)

‘What is it man, are you okay?’ Andrea rushed back to him and grabbed him at the shoulder.
‘Yeah… Feels weird though.’ Mitchell’s answer came over as slightly bewildered. He was still standing between the two trees. ‘Hang on a second.’ He took a small dagger out of his backpack. Well, dagger, it was more of a pocket knife. He opened it up, squatted down in front of the tree he was facing and started stabbing it at waist height. Soon enough he had removed a sizable chunk of bark. One fierce jab at the stripped part of the tree caused it to cave in and reveal that the tree was at least partially hollow.
Mitchell peeked inside and then asked Andrea to do the same. ‘That looks way familiar.’ She straightened her back and groaned a little bit to indicate she was giving the matter some thought. ‘What’s it doing here as well?’

Inside the tree was a gemstone formation, presumably of the very same kind they had encountered earlier. Its hue was much more blueish in color though, and Mitchell could feel its effects from a distance without directly touching it. Andrea on the other hand had only felt a subtle sting on her nose when she had nearly pressed her face against the tree looking through the opening Mitchell had created.
By now he had started chipping away at the formation with his dagger in the hopes of obtaining a piece. It took some time, and he could tell Andrea was getting slightly impatient, but was determined to take a bit with him.
You never know what might happen.

Andrea stopped in her tracks. ‘This’s around where I found ya.’
They had come a long way already, but it looked like their only lead was a dead end. Literally. Mitchell sighed, dropped his backpack and sat down. ‘How the hell did I get here?’ He looked up to see if there were any openings above, but it was one solid piece of rock, all the way to the back wall a couple meters ahead. Andrea paced back and forth to it a couple of times, and ultimately sat down as well.
‘So chef,’ she started, ‘What’s cooking?’
‘You tell me.’ Mitchell was resting his back against the rugged wall. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing ever, but he was pretty tired from all the walking they had done, and the dead end lead wasn’t helping either. ‘Isn’t there a way to-‘
He stopped mid-sentence and shifted his eyes to the direction they came from. He thought he saw something scurrying about in the distant dark.

Didn’t go superb, so be harsh please. (next)
~ Fang


  • 01/10/2013 (4:08 AM)

    Much better, man. Much better.

  • 30/09/2013 (2:57 PM)

    Mark’s right. That opening is a little confusing. He got snagged on a tree? Had to stab his way out by cutting up parts of the tree and it led him to finding the gemstone formation? Or nothing caught him up and he just felt compelled to open it up? I think a little more clarification is needed.

  • 29/09/2013 (11:42 PM)

    Nah it went fine except for the start which left me a little confused. It seemed like Mitchell had been caught in a tree or something. As far as I can understand he realised the crystal was there and felt it even from a distance, and then tried to dig it out. If that’s the case it could have been brought across a little clearer.

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