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21 09 13

Caves, p32

Writing this in the afternoon instead of night, let’s see how this goes. (previous)

The morning air was cold, lacking the warmth of activity it carried during the day. Not a single soul was awake when Mitchell sneaked out his house and made his way to the southern gate, fully packed and pretty nervous. On his way there, he grabbed for his sword multiple times to make sure he had it with him.
When he arrived at the gate, Shon wasn’t there. His shift was likely over, but Mitchell had expected someone else to be guarding the gate. Instead, the cabin was empty and the gate open enough for one to easily crouch under it. So much for tight security.

A deep breath. Mitchell moved under the gate, the sheath of his sword scraped over the ground. He patted some dirt off as he stood up again. Now having left Whelhaven, this was the first time he was out in the caves on his own. He took a few steps, but stopped when he heard a familiar voice.
‘Where do ya think you’re going?’ The sightly mocking tone caused Mitchell to sigh before he turned around. As he expected, Andrea was standing behind the gate.
‘Wherever it is I came from.’ He didn’t know what kind of answer Andrea was expecting since Roy obviously already told her, but he figured restating it was a quick and easy reply.
Andrea laughed. ‘Something about birds and bees.’ She made her way under the gate as well, and joined up with Mitchell.

He didn’t know whether to laugh at her half rude joke or inquire about her presumed destination. He settled for the latter.
‘I’m coming with you, of course!’ She started marching forward. ‘What are you waiting for?’
Mitchell pointed at the gate. ‘Waiting for you to get back in your cage is what.’
‘Rude!’ She crossed her arms and made a frowning face, which quickly got a bit of concern added to it. ‘You’re going to die a pretty rough death if I don’t protect you, y’know.’ She paused for a second to let the message sink in. ‘Not sure what makes ya want to go back so bad, I could never know anyways, but I at the very least don’t want ya dying on me.’

It was only now that it really sunk in how little of a chance Mitchell had to survive even a day in the caves. Each and every time he had come into combat others had helped him out, his own small victories merely lucky escapes.
‘Fine.’ He gave Andrea’s outfit a closer look. ‘I see you’re already packed, so it’s time we head out.’

Welp, that’s a wrap folks. Be harsh in your criticism! (next)
~ Fang


  • 23/09/2013 (1:47 PM)

    Dammit, I can’t be harsh. I’m trying. The writing in this was really fine. Top notch. Nothing to criticize. Great dialogue, great description.

  • 22/09/2013 (2:55 AM)

    There’s not really much to criticise honestly. The only thing I could say is that I kinda wish he had stayed in Welhaven for a little longer.

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