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04 09 13

Caves, p28

If you haven’t read yesterday’s AAA-quality writing scrap, go check it out. (That feel when zero comments after getting lots of praise for it.) (previous)

The very first wyverns were for a long time thought to be in a sister genus of dragons but actually originate from the distantly related Varanidae family. The evolutionary reason for the loss of their hind legs is unknown. The same can be said for the wing-like structures their front legs developed. Modern-day wyverns are far too large for flight in the caves, if their wings would even support them. Instead they use a combination of slithering and pulling themselves forward with their claws. Within the Vyperus genus several species have been identified. Some wyverns carry poisonous barbed tails, others have strengthened patagium to defend against attacks. Reports of fire-breathing wyverns have been made but could never be verified. Most wyverns share their general anatomy. Noteworthy is the thick, scaled skin which gives possible enemies a hard time. In a battle between wyverns the scales offer little protection, however. Ancient records of humans injuring and sometimes even slaying wyverns have been found, though how remains a question. Some have said the records referred to enhanced weaponry, but this has been disregarded by historians as a rumor, since their translations indicate nothing of the sort.

Though Mitchell had some trouble getting through the incredibly detailed scientific explanations of the bestiary, he did understand the gist of it. One of the last parts talked about a way to injure wyverns. The text on that was pretty vague, reminding Mitchell that it was still a draft. He was surprised though, by how matter-of-factly the bestiary spoke about wyverns, as if they weren’t a creature of myth and legend.
He was just about to open one of the books on mythology when the librarian approached him. ‘Excuse me dear, I’m closing up.’ She noticed he was still busy with the books. ‘You can borrow those if you want. Let me take your name.’

It’s so apparent on what topics I did my research, and where I just pulled “facts” out of my ass. (next)
~ Fang


  • 05/09/2013 (8:44 AM)

    It is pretty interesting how there is a winged creature in the caves. There might be really large open spaces though that would accommodate flight. Like ABFTS said, this is the internet, your facts are facts. Especially when it’s a story you’re writing.

  • 05/09/2013 (5:33 AM)

    This is the Internet – facts are facts if you SAY they’re facts!

    Looks good! These legless wyverns that drag themselves around… that sounds like something out of a nightmare.

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