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01 09 13

Caves, p27

School starts tomorrow, but instead of resting up I procrastinate the day away and spend my night working my ass off for Caves. I am not a smart man. (previous)

It had taken a while of finding his way around parts of town he wasn’t familiar with, but Mitchell finally arrived at the library. It was a small building that didn’t stand out from the rest but this didn’t keep it from storing a large amount of books. All the shelves were completely packed and put closely together, barely leaving enough room for people to pass each other in between them.
‘A visitor?’ A voice called out when Mitchell closed the door. ‘Be right there!’

Not long after, an old, scrawny woman emerged from behind a bookshelf. ‘Good day, can I help you?’
A short silence fell while Mitchell remembered what he came here for. ‘Do you have anything on mythology? A bestiary will do, too.’
‘Of course dear! Let me get some for you.’ She scuttled off into the library again. Mitchell felt a little guilty for letting her do all the work, but apparently she enjoyed it, as a soft humming could be heard coming from the direction she went in.
The lady returned with three large books in her arms. ‘The bestiary is really old, but this is all I could find quickly, hope it’ll do?’
‘Yes, thank you.’ Mitchell accepted the books from the lady, and found a place to sit.

Everything about the library was cramped, even the reading area. He dumped the books onto the table, took a seat, and examined the titles in front of him. “A mythological and legendary history of the caves” and “Mythological encyclopedia” were the books on mythology. The third was a bestiary, aptly titled “BESTIARY”, with “second draft” hastily scribbled underneath. It was a dusty old tome, heavily dated, but not very damaged save for some basic wear and tear. Mitchell wiped his hand across it before opening it, and looking to see if there was a section on wyverns.

This feels so bad. Oh well, it happens. (next)
~ Fang


  • 02/09/2013 (12:03 AM)

    I think you are actually a smart person. I don’t think writing this counts as procrastination. Anyway, you’re writing in first person a lot again. I don’t know if you want to switch properly but if that is the case then be 100% present tense and let the readers know.

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