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Or, how upset at the state of the world I am, and why it is something I should shut up about.

I’m just, I can’t. I’d make a joke about having lost all ability to can but that would be pretty stupid considering I’m about to go on a huge hating spree about close to everything the Average Joe and Jill have come to love over the past decade or two. Those who know me in real life have probably heard me bitch over smartphones and social media more than once, and the current state of the internet and stupid dumb consumerism shouldn’t sound unfamiliar either. I really want to write a multi-page essay on why I am so mad about everything.

But I can’t.
Not sure if I simply just lack the energy to give more fucks than I already do, but I just can’t go into detail on what is wrong with the world. There’s just so much to cover I couldn’t possibly do it all in one go, either. Smartphones are getting people all kinds of disorders, but it’s a social norm, whereas sitting behind the computer for extended periods of time is still frowned upon in some circles. Rarely anything good is broadcast on TV, and when it is, it’s not watched because there is yet another mindlessly dumb movie or series to watch because it’s all the hype. The internet is slowly going to shits now that it has truly become mainstream. All kinds of people are claiming that internet culture some “veterans” of us so treasure, and the government realizes it needs a tighter grip to satisfy its weird dominance fetishes.

But I shouldn’t be bitching about it. I don’t really have any right to. What have I done to try and change this? Not a single thing. Yeah yeah, I’m not taking part in the huge mess when I can, but that’s it. I have done nothing to stand up for what I think is right. Even if it is because I know that when I do, I’ll be shot down because it’s a highly unpopular opinion, that is no excuse to not stand up against it. Many great things have come from people taking a stand, yet here I am, wailing but never flailing, like the childish coward I am.

Oddly poetic, but also mildly disturbing.
~ Fang


  • 28/09/2013 (2:28 AM)

    The reason I have such a hard time complaining about things is because for the most part I don’t do something about them. Having taken my stand against the censorship of the internet though, I can say that it is the terrible thing that it is, as is society itself. Although I will say that some of those smarter TV shows you mention are being watched. It’s kinda weird for me to admit this, but I do have some faith in humanity. All we can do is try and make the next generation a little better and instil in them the want to do that themselves.

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