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get rekt

It’s usually an all-around headache-fest for newborn developers.

I don’t like developing for enterprise. That’s probably a clear and well-established fact already. I don’t like the way things go, how they’re supposed to work. I don’t like the amount of planning that is not as much required as it is implied it’s imperative you do. I don’t like the companies it is written by, nor the companies it is written for. I don’t like the way big companies work, I don’t like big companies, I don’t like.

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29 09 13

Caves, p34

It’s that time again already. Let’s see what our wandering idiots are up to this time. (previous)

‘What is it man, are you okay?’ Andrea rushed back to him and grabbed him at the shoulder.
‘Yeah… Feels weird though.’ Mitchell’s answer came over as slightly bewildered. He was still standing between the two trees. ‘Hang on a second.’ He took a small dagger out of his backpack. Well, dagger, it was more of a pocket knife. He opened it up, squatted down in front of the tree he was facing and started stabbing it at waist height. Soon enough he had removed a sizable chunk of bark. One fierce jab at the stripped part of the tree caused it to cave in and reveal that the tree was at least partially hollow.
Mitchell peeked inside and then asked Andrea to do the same. ‘That looks way familiar.’ She straightened her back and groaned a little bit to indicate she was giving the matter some thought. ‘What’s it doing here as well?’

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I could ramble on about how bad starting with enterprise-level programming is, but we’ll save that for another post.

So, teaching software development. I’m having some bad experiences with it right now. Sure it’s nothing drastic, and I may just be viewing this all wrong, but it’s still bugging me so I want to throw my opinion out here. Currently at school we’re being taught how to work with Struts 2, a serverside Java programming framework. All cool and all, but it sucks balls. Maybe it’s because of fact that, much like Java, its main use is enterprise software development. And that sucks. But okay, I can live with that. What I can not live with, is how we’re taught it.

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Or, how upset at the state of the world I am, and why it is something I should shut up about.

I’m just, I can’t. I’d make a joke about having lost all ability to can but that would be pretty stupid considering I’m about to go on a huge hating spree about close to everything the Average Joe and Jill have come to love over the past decade or two. Those who know me in real life have probably heard me bitch over smartphones and social media more than once, and the current state of the internet and stupid dumb consumerism shouldn’t sound unfamiliar either. I really want to write a multi-page essay on why I am so mad about everything.

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I thought I had it, I really did. But then it turned out I’m just hat-on-ass retarded.

So I was back at the tile management thing again. Got some pen and paper (actually a drawing tablet and Photoshop) and started doodling things down. Got depressed because of no real results, hung on couch, and then decided to explain my problem to my parents. You know, kind of like rubber ducky debugging, except with more human-like rubber duckies. Too bad I didn’t stumble upon the solution mid-explanation. Oh well, no big deal, didn’t expect it anyway.

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