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Do the impossible, see the invisible

Or, why you shouldn’t be afraid to put your works out there and how to handle critique well.

In all honesty, this probably isn’t going to be as in-depth as I made it sound just now, but I’ll have a stab at it anyway.
Much in the same way it’s healthy for a child to get small cuts and bruises thanks to playing outside (good for their health, immune system, you name it), your precious brainchild should be put out in the open, in the face of dangers, as well. How else is it going to garner the attention it deserves? “But it’s not ready yet!” Screw that! The premature stages are especially potent for pubic viewing. After all, you don’t want to go back and revise whatever tiny thing you did at the start after it got buried underneath two solid years of work.

So, it’s gone public, and people are giving their opinions. Not all of them are going to be praising your baby’s every aspect. And mind, not all of them are going to be completely honest, or actually useful to you. Still, try to squeeze some use out of them where you can. If someone’s testing an early alpha version of your game, and gets stuck, write it down. If they complain about something, take note! Then later, compare everyone’s opinions, see what they have it common, and where the problem lies. This way, you can tweak your baby, make it stronger.

People often are afraid of receiving negative critique, but I find it a pleasure. Sure, it takes a jab at your ego, and the harsh stuff can be a bit disheartening. But at the core, it’s all solid advice telling you where and how to improve. All the steps you need to take are getting laid out for you, without much thinking on your part. A Godsent, if you ask me.

What are you waiting for? Throw your baby out of the window, see if it flies.
~ Fang


  • 02/08/2013 (7:18 AM)

    You are going to be a terrible parent. I feel so sorry for all of your pancaked future children.

  • 02/08/2013 (12:26 AM)

    Well right now I’m not actually holding any babies near the window. All my work is out there. Okay there’s one thing that’s not totally out there, but right now I’m using it as more of a reference than something that needs to be published. For the most part I’m getting better at putting my work out there though.

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