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11 08 13

The lows

Yesterday was really awesome. Thanks to the bathrobe crew for being there, and yeah, you boring folks were nice to have around too.

I don’t have a part of Caves for you today, sorry about that. I intended to but eh, distractions and friends got in the way (not in a negative way of course) and I just can’t make it in time. I’ll try to have one up tomorrow, but I can’t say for certain, so no promises. You’ll have to wait and see. Pray to your God, whatever you do to get good stuff to happen.

Been writing some more serious posts lately, or at least ones with more decent content. Recent post (“Using the medium“) on a rather important topic got a subpar amount of views and no comments (at the time of writing). What happened? Did I scare everyone off or something? I’m not mad, just disappointed. Nah, I’m not disappointed either. Just curious as to where this low come from. Over the past few months, views on the blog have displayed a slow but steady climb, and all of a sudden we get this silence. Odd.

Oh well, whatever. I’m sure they’ll be visited by the occasional lost web user every once in a while. As long as my thought get noticed by at least one individual I’m satisfied. And even if nobody ever reads it, it still was good practice towards writing more decent posts. Because hey, if anyone needs that it’s me.

I’ll be off for now, possibly viewing a meteor shower tonight.
~ Fang


  • 12/08/2013 (1:39 PM)

    Don’t dread the silence. Page views are more important than comments in terms of how well you’re doing, but those comments definitely feel nicer. Like old friends are dropping by. Or at least just to know your post wasn’t complete crap (it was not). I’d almost be scared to hear from all of our non-commenting readers. What they REALLY think…

  • 12/08/2013 (9:39 AM)

    Well it didn’t help I was away. I also need to catch up on Caves but I’m about to be very busy so may have to save that for the next Caves post. I’ll check out this other Using The Medium one too. I don’t like hearing about posts that gots no loves.

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