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It took me five fucking minutes to think of a decent title, and that’s the best I could do. Goes to show.

Today wasn’t necessarily a bad day for me. Sure I’m really low on energy for some reason, but that shouldn’t be something to ruin happy fun times, right? Nope. But then when you go and add up a shitton of tiny annoyances, those hit pretty hard. A lot of them in a short time span, it’s starting to poop in my cereal. Maybe I’m not used to it, or simply can’t take stuff like this well. Best guess it’s a combination of factors all eclipsing into today. (That’s a way to say it, right?)

I just, pfff, I don’t even have the energy to think of a way to describe how I feel. It’s that bad. And when I start thinking I have a hard time, my guilt smacks me down because my life is so fucking easy, comparatively. If that even makes sense, that is. What the hell am I even doing with my time, my life? That realization, constantly, at least once an hour.

Sitting here, browsing the web doing fuckall, cringing whenever I hear Outlook’s “new email” jingle, because I only use Outlook for work. The sound and negative emotions are so strongly tied together the sound could be used for torturing me, I swear.

All day I’ve been wanting to start on that mystery dungeon game, but my mood just doesn’t permit it. Or I think it does, at least. Can’t fucking dev with a foul mood, unless you enjoy seeing comments like “// fix this mess up”.

(Edit, I just realized a new Caves was supposed to be here. FUCK.)

Let me just… kick back and… listen to some music…
~ Fang

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