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I’m here to build hype!

Biking back from today’s party I noticed my tire had deflated. I knew it was already deflating slowly, needing to be pumped up at least once a week, but I had given it new air before I left, and it was already flat again by the time I got home. Shit sucks yo. Probably need to buy me a new one, I’ve patched this old fellow up way too many times. But that’s not the point. Biking back from today’s party I did some quick brainstorming on what to do with Caves.

It’s still kind of hard, but at least I now know of a way to move the story along for a bit longer. Something I originally wouldn’t have done most likely, but hurray for brainstorming while biking with sweet-ass new music you discovered on an awesome festival. I’m the kind of guy who envision scenes that’d go with the song that’s currently playing as a soundtrack, so imagination tends to overflow. Comes in handy for stuff like this.

Not promising anything as usual, but I think I can finally continue Caves tomorrow. Don’t think there’s any people out there super eager for the next part to come out, but whatever, I personally am glad to see it moving forward again.

By the way, Mark, what’s the status on Immortal Space? Can we speed that up if I promise to do a dramatic reading as a celebration?
~ Fang


  • 23/08/2013 (12:06 AM)

    Unfortunately Fang I can not speed up the return of Immortal Space. This other story just keeps on growing. It was supposed to be 20k words, and now it’s well over 100k. It’s set to be three times the length that IS is currently at.

    As for Caves, I am actually looking forward to a return. You could even do something with the Wyvern. They were pretty surprised a Wyvern was there so make some sort of reason for it to be there. All in all though, yeah dude you need a new wheel.

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