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I got back from it last night, completely burnt and with ears still beeping.

Let me tell you, and I’m heavily understating this, I had an amazingly awesome time! Having never gone to a concert before, let alone a festival, this was a great new experience, and one I’d gladly have again at that.
We get there the day before, haul our gear over to the camping, and start searching for a spot. With lots of people already having set up their tents, finding a spot for two of the things was a bit of a challenge. In the end it all worked out though, we got our spot, nice neighbors, good to go.

The first day started off great with the Australian indie rock band Deep Sea Arcade, one of my picks (it was more of a “yeah let’s go there, their description seems cool” kind of pick though, as was the deal with most of my picks). They rocked out really well, kicking off the festival for us. After that we went to see Bullet for my Valentine, a metal band. Now I’m not all that into metal, but this was pretty great. They gave a great show, crowd went wild, and the music wasn’t even that bad either. Great stuff! After that we hung around Tame Impala for a bit, nice psychedelic indie rock. Later that day we went to see a comedian, and finished off the day with Nine Inch Nails, who were also really good despite the fact that we had to watch it outside in the rain.

On Saturday the first good thing available was Daughter, and so we went to see them. The indie folk band was a surprising success, and they themselves couldn’t believe so many people came out to see them since they were on stage pretty early on the day. I kind of wanted to go see MMOTHS (electronic) after, but instead we went to Nevermind, a show during which multiple bands and artists covered the songs from Nirvana’s album with that very name. Great stuff, wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. After that we chilled at Maison du Malheur, an old jazz and blues sorta band. Pretty slick tunes. Couldn’t see them the entire time though, we had to go see Imagine Dragons. I had heard some of their songs before, but didn’t know it was them until they played ’em. Needless to say, they were really, really good. Gave a good show, we all had a great time, and it was definitely one of the higher (if not the highest) highlights of the festival for me. Next up were The Lumineers, a great success as well. We closed off with the Editors who were also really good. Too bad my back was hurting so much by now that I couldn’t enjoy the show in its fullest. Good stuff nonetheless.

Sunday, the last day of the festival, was a bit less than the others, but still amazing. We wanted to see London Grammar, but they were cancelled for some reason. So we hung on the camping for a bit longer, and then went to see The Boxettes. Friends laughed at me when I hyped over their description, “a cappella”, but that changed when they heard them live. Truly incredible music they made, and all that with their mouths. A friend still doesn’t want to believe their bass wasn’t “artificial”. Afterwards we hung around Kodaline for a bit, enjoying their indie rock tunes, and then went to see one of the few artists I actually knew, XXYYXX. Well, we would, if he hadn’t canceled. Instead we saw his replacement, Mt. Wolf. Their guitarist was a bit of a downy, and their drummer had the most beautiful smile across his face the entire time, but they were pretty damn good nonetheless. Electronic isn’t my friends’ thing though, a bit of a shame. Next, Fall Out Boy‘s concert rocked us out completely. Good times. We went to see Nero, a dubstep artist, while we waited for Gojira, a french heavy metal band. As I said though, metal isn’t really my thing, and this was basically just rhythmic noise to my ears, not something I enjoy. Some of my friends went wild though, so that was cool. We finished with We Came as Romans, a post-hardcore metal band. Yeah, metal, but this was more melodic, so I could get into this too.

After that, we went and packed out stuff and, completely burnt, walked the wrong way to the pick-up point almost twice. All the tiredness was totally worth it though, LowLands rocked.
~ Fang

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