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Why do so little games these days have it?

Had a friend come over yesterday, and we played some co-op Risk of Rain (go play it, it’s amazing). I died repeatedly because my tank didn’t protect me well enough, but great fun nonetheless. Local cooperative play is such a cool feature, it makes me wonder why most modern games don’t have it? Almost everything these days features online multiplayer, but locally your options tend to be very limited. What gives?

For PC games, I can sort of see where they’re coming from. If you have a game that requires lots of keys to play, and you don’t have gamepad support, then there’s no way two people can play from the same computer. Acceptable. But what about games that do have gamepad support, or have a control scheme that allows two players to play using the same keyboard? If it just doesn’t work for your game mechanically, that’s cool, but what about things like top-down racing games or turn-based strategy games, for example?

I’m… not really sure. Guess developers often don’t think it’s worth their time, or they can’t manage to put it in before the deadline? Off the top of my head, it doesn’t seem that hard to implement it. On the other hand, some games need complicated split-screen solutions the engine may not be able to handle yet, and writing those can definitely be a pain in the ass.

Whatever the reason, I’d be terribly disappointed if they didn’t at least consider it.
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  • 26/08/2013 (10:04 PM)

    The loss of local multiplayer is something I definitely mourn. I think that there are some games that still have it as an option hidden away in the multiplayer mode but I guess if it is gone then developers just kinda forgot about it. They were all “We have online multiplayer now. People aren’t getting together to play vidya games anymore.” “But what if they have friends over?” “Friends? These people have no friends. There’s not enough room in their parent’s basement to accommodate friends.”

    Okay that last line might be a bit of an exaggeration but if there is a loss of local multiplayer it is because of the rise of online multiplayer.

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