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Oh, Comely

Worry not, I have no intend on watching the whores and doing the drugs. Geez, what kind of stupid tourist do you hold me for?

No, no, I’m going there for something way cooler. Remember when I met that guy from Thorworks during a Walibi event? Well, apparently he’s been lurking my blog. Hi! He noticed I have been struggling with getting back into game development. He’s willing to help me out, even be a feedback buddy, and has invited me to come to their office in Amsterdam. I may have almost jumped with joy.

Before you start thinking I have now officially made it in the game biz, no. I honestly don’t think I’m ready for a job in the industry yet, and I don’t think that’s what he’s inviting me over for anyway. I’m expecting a friendly conversation about game development, some show and tell, tips, et cetera. And who knows, maybe I’ll be offered a position (or request one myself) when I’ve gotten better. That’s all in the future though, for now I’m just looking forward to meeting up with him.

The whole feedback buddy thing is kind of a big deal for me. I don’t have any direct friends who are into gamedev, so I don’t have many people to have lengthy conversations with about it, let alone help me out with any problems I might run into. Often I find myself wondering whether I’m approaching a problem the right (read: most efficient and flexible) way, or stuck on a stupid bug someone else might splat in a minute. Having someone provide meaningful feedback, especially on the code side of things would be a great learning tool.
Heh, I’m so excited I started working on that mystery dungeon game I wanted to make. Ambitious, sure, but at least I’ll learn something by making it. Making an actual shippable game is second or even third priority.

It’s pretty weird though, trying to write a blog post about events directly relating to someone who may very well read this. I shouldn’t be afraid to speak my mind though, and this post would’ve been written more or less like this anyway, regardless of my knowledge of the possible readers.

Also, licorice root is delicious.
~ Fang


  • 29/08/2013 (9:38 PM)

    Unfortunately you will be afraid to speak your mind knowing someone you know might read it. I know my sister occasionally reads my blog so there are things I’m afraid to say. Anyway, it’s now illegal in Amsterdam for tourists to smoke weed so none of that would be happening anyway. Well, not legally. But with how many people smoke weed there anyway you’re bound to get at least one contact high. I say enjoy it. Also enjoy the gamedev. You don’t know what it might bring.

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