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I had to ask myself that very question the day of departure. I may or may not be very well equipped.

Wish I could make some live updates, but eh, I’m not here right now so this’ll have to do. Whether I was sufficiently packed will have to remain up in the air for a bit longer. You know what, I’ll have you be the judge.
So we departed on Thursday to set up our tents and everything. The planning was kind of chaotic on our part, but let’s hope we pulled through. Had to do some last minute shopping though, because I needed to take some things.

Of course we would be picking up a friend’s tent, but we had to take our own sleeping gear. On top of that, a couple sets of clothes never hurt, spare underwear is always good too. Toiletry is a must for your basic hygiene needs and… uhm… what’s next?

Did a bit of research online, and found some common recommendations. Thrash bags can be very useful to have, and though their toilets usually have paper in them, you don’t always want to stand in line for ten minutes waiting for the only one that has any left. Baby wipes (or anything similar) apparently do great too, nice replacement for showers. Earplugs are hella useful for if you intend on getting some shuteye during the early morning hours (you stayed up all night after all).

Food, food. Eating at festivals is always really expensive, and I’m sure Lowlands is no exception, so maybe bringing some things of your own will help your wallet. I brought some currant buns so we eat least have breakfast the first morning.

Let’s hope it’s good enough. If anything, we can buy stuff at one of the two supermarkets located there. Lucky.
~ Fang


  • 17/08/2013 (10:44 PM)

    You are pretty lucky to have two supermarkets within walking distance. You sound like you’re packed pretty well, hopefully you took some spending money too. You more than likely did though if you were thinking you could use their supermarkets.

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