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Now with even more obscure Homestuck references!
02 08 13


In some fonts writing illustrations with a capital I can look horribly confusing. LLLustrations.

So hey, flipping illustrations man, the stuff’s awesome. It fits almost everywhere without much of a problem. Sometimes it’s not needed, completely unnecessary, or kind of bad practice, but rarely does a good illustration ruin something. Say you’re playing a good game, strolling along, and an event happens. It’s something really amazing, but the game’s innate graphics style can’t fully bring that across, and they either didn’t have the budget for, or didn’t see fit to put in a cutscene. A quick slideshow of illustrations is presented on-screen, detailing the events in a visual manner. How cool is that?

They’re a great tool, especially in the case mentioned above, but also in books. Sure you should paint with your words, but it can be really, really hard to give that final “bang” without making it into a ten-page essay. It’s just, you can put so much information in it. From the tiniest details in expressions, to every little item in the background of the scenery, to subtle visual hints or references to, for example, future events or things relating to them. Bad example, but saying “his hat was red” (which will have importance in the plot in the future) draws an unnecessary amount of attention to the hat, whereas showing a red hat in an illustration depicting him standing at the edge of a cliff doesn’t capitalize that detail at all.

I want to do it with Caves, too, but I’m a shit-tier artist. I should try though. Wanted to do it for the part that should’ve been written and posted today, with the drawing at least started on yesterday, but I hung with friends, slept at their place, had tons of fun, the usual. Simply didn’t have time for that, sorry. I’ll try to have the next part up tomorrow, and should remind myself to give the illustration I had in mind a shot as well.

Until then, hang tight!
~ Fang


  • 03/08/2013 (12:10 AM)

    There are parts in my story, and parts coming up, where I really wish I was a decent tier artist so I could really show it. Or I’ve had ideas that would work way better as small comics. Illustrations are, as you said, a wonderful thing that rarely detracts from anything, if ever.

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