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One hundred pushups!

Another post on Lowlands, who could’ve guessed.

Looking at the schedule for all the days, there’s a couple of areas that get a lot of activities that aren’t inherent to a music festival. Comedy, philosophy, lectures, Q&A’s with book authors, you name it. You don’t expect it, and presumably a decent chunk of your visitors isn’t going to pay much attention to them, but it’s really nice those things are present as well.

I intend on seeing all kinds of different artists for different genres and such, and my friends have a loose easy-going list of who they want to see, but I don’t think any of the things I mentioned above are on “the list”. Screw that, I’m going to push to visit at least one of them. See what they have to offer. Who knows, maybe we can find a budding cabaret to crack us up.

It’s great they set those kinds of things up. Variety is good, and even if it only appeals to a small percentage of the visitors, that’s a major win for everyone involved. Why? More people over at those “alternative” stages means less people at the others, and thus more room for the people there to enjoy themselves. Helps spread out the people a bit.
Okay, that made very little sense and isn’t how it works at all, but it’s not like you’re not used to me spouting bullshit all the time.

I’m signing off. See you guys tomorrow with my report on how awesome it all was!
~ Fang


  • 18/08/2013 (9:36 PM)

    It’s pretty awesome they do have those other stages and aren’t entirely a music thing. It’s a cool thing to do on it’s own but as you rightly pointed out, it also results in less people at the music stages.

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