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04 08 13

Dungeon crawlers

Lately I’ve been playing some of my old Game Boy Advance games again. Mostly the Pokémon ones.

Soon after starting up Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (a mouthful indeed) I remembered why I fell in love with this game when it first came out. It wasn’t like anything I had ever played before. A turn-based dungeon crawler, with the main gameplay set on a 2D grid space. Seeing as how I was already familiar with all the characters, it was a good introduction to the genre. Oddly enough, I haven’t played anything similar since.

Great stuff though. It plays a bit like a roguelike. Dungeons are randomly generated, you need to traverse a set amount of floors to clear the dungeon. You can also take on jobs, objectives within the dungeons. For example, rescuing someone. You’ll get rewarded, your Team gets points, everyone happy. There’s a ton of different items to use in the vast amount of dungeons you can explore with the huge amount of different characters the Pokémon franchise provides.

And here I go again, thinking of making a similar game myself. But that scope, it’s just so huge. A turn-based roguelike, I can aim for that. But with an overworld, many items and creatures, dungeons, storyline, actual graphics? Polish? Tough one. And I haven’t touched gamedev in a while now. Vacation, blah blah, but man, I need to get my priorities straight nonetheless. Can’t afford slacking off if I want to be an indie dev, or even get somewhat close to that.

I’m betting all my money that once school starts again I’ll want to dev like a madman.
~ Fang


  • 05/08/2013 (2:38 PM)

    I love dungeon-crawlers, and I especially love Roguelikes. Hell, I still play Rogue from time to time. DOS, baby. All about the old school DOS games.

  • 05/08/2013 (10:15 AM)

    That’s funny isn’t? When you have other priorities, suddenly all the other things you want to do become more appealing.

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