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My hard drive’s starting to burst at its seams with all the cool new music I’m downloading.

Oh whoops, did I just say that out loud? Downloading music? It’s kind of a touchy subject these days, and I can see why. If I have to be perfectly honest and open with you guys, I fall into the “it’s acceptable” camp. And before we get a whole new post on piracy (though the one I did is about two years back now), lets just keep the scope here down to me downloading music. Allow me to explain my reasoning, and why I think it’s a somewhat acceptable thing to do.

It’s should be no secret that there’s a lot of indie in my music library. Those artists also happen to be the ones who need the money the most. So how would I ever justify pirating their songs? I can’t. At least, not fully. However, some only sell their music on CD or vinyl (which is a really cool thing to do, by the way), which I’m not interested in. And when they do sell digital copies, chances are it’s through iTunes, which I detest for its very limited options. As in, you only get to download your songs (with DRM) in low quality. If at all possible, I want to get lossless audio quality, and downloading the CD or vinyl rips helps me with that.

Then there’s also the whole money argument you’ve heard a thousand times over already. If I could pay for all their CDs then I’d gladly do so (and then losslessly rip them myself), but I simply can’t invest that much money in it. I mean, I feel pretty bad for not giving a great band even a dime, but money is scarce, sadly.

In return I do occasionally spread the word, but I’m afraid that doesn’t balance out my actions.
~ Fang

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