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23 08 13

Caves, p25

At long last, we’re back again, and hopefully we can build up a long streak of consistently appearing parts again. (previous)

‘Oh.’ Andrea noticed someone with a large messenger bag entering the Bastion. ‘The mailman doesn’t stop by here often, wonder who it’s for.’
‘Registered mail for Warren Miller!’ the mailman shouted in a loud but very clear voice. ‘Warren Miller!’
Mitchell looked up to see the door to Warren’s office open. The old man walked out, made his way down the stairs and met with the mailman there. ‘Registered mail? For me? Pretty sure I paid all my fees on time, hah.’ He got handed a large envelope, and the mailman left. Warren opened it, quickly scanned the letter inside and looked around the guild. ‘You two.’ He was looking at Mitchell’s table. They’d followed the entire exchange curiously. ‘Come with me.’
‘I think he means you guys.’ Roy said. ‘Good luck, hope you won’t need it!’

They said down in Warren’s workroom. He noticed the worried looks on their faces. ‘Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything bad… yet.’ He pulled a half-empty bottle out of one of his drawers. ‘Want a drink?’
Both Mitchell and Andrea politely declined, Warren still poured himself one. He then began to explain why he called the two of them into his office. It was related to the odd gemstone formation they had found when escorting Derrik to the forest and back. Research on the sample he had brought back showed it had some interesting properties. ‘I’m not allowed to tell you the details. Security and all that. You do your part and tell nobody of this.’ He stared Andrea in the eyes.
‘Yeah yeah!’ she exclaimed. ‘I’ve learnt how to keep my mouth shut, okay?’

‘By the way, Mitchell.’ Warren took another sip of his drink. ‘I overheard some tales about a wyvern. You were part of that, right?’
‘Yes. I…’ Mitchell hesitated. ‘I fended it off by stabbing its arm. Not without help though!’
‘You sure it was a wyvern? Those things were reported extinct ages ago, nothing more than myths these days. Probably just some other large animal, a species with weaker scales that is.’
‘No, I’m sure…’ He hesitated again, not sure if he should tell Warren —or anyone else for that matter— about how he managed to pierce the wyvern’s scales. It’d probably fall under the classified information regarding the gemstones. Who would believe him anyway? ‘Eh, it doesn’t really matter anyway.’

I find my characters to be very under-defined. No age, looks, nothing, just a bit of personality. (Not that anything else really matters much.) Still not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, or how well I’m handling it. (next)
~ Fang


  • 26/08/2013 (2:37 PM)

    Personality is more important than specifics, and sometimes it’s nice to let readers use their imagination. I hate stories that are like, “His name was John and he was 25 years old. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and he was 6 foot 1 inches tall.” That’s not a story. That’s a mugshot.

  • 24/08/2013 (3:10 PM)

    Well as long as they have personality you’ll be fine. I went forever before I gave an age to some characters and even then it was within the author’s notes and not within the story. If I can comment on the direction of the story it would be nice for Mitchell to have received his super powers from the crystal formation and not just be some kind of chosen one destined to lead people to the surface. Actually you also have to go more in depth on how that happened. Really when you think about it you have a lot of potential left in this story to explore.

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