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12 08 13

Caves, p24

A day late and a little short and rushed but whatever, it’s here. Enjoy! (previous)

‘Then I knew, time to strike the beast!’ Standing with one foot on the table and holding his sword up to the air was Nigel. ‘Rushed in, diced the fucker up good!’ He was surrounded by what looked like were his fangirls. Some other interested folks had gathered as well.
At another table Mitchell and Roy were having a drink. ‘Don’t mind what he’s doing.’ Roy comforted Mitchell who seemed pretty down. ‘You don’t need the honor and attention to know you did great. Besides, only idiots will believe his wild tales.’
Mitchell sighed. He was tired and confused. But mostly tired. Really, really tired. He hadn’t slept much yesterday, the adrenaline had stayed in his body for a pretty long time. He felt bad for Roy, too. He got his arm patched up but apparently it would take a long time before he could use it for everyday tasks again, let alone strain it with sword fighting.

‘What in the world!’ Someone loudly entered the Bastion and quickly stomped towards Mitchell. It was Andrea. ‘You okay? Ya didn’t die on me?’ She hugged him, he slowly reciprocated. ‘So glad! I heard your party encountered a wyvern, thought ya at least broke a limb or two!’ Releasing the hug she looked at his tired face and smiled.
‘Well, he did.’ Mitchell responded, pointing at Roy with his thumb. ‘Marius didn’t come out unscathed either.’
‘But y’all lived! Ya got to tell me what happened!’
He gave her a quick rundown of what happened and then showed her the necklace he was hiding under his shirt. He had put a cord through the hole in the wyvern’s scale and had hung it around his neck.
‘Ooh, looks pretty! But how did ya manage to get your sword through it? Weren’t they kinda super strong?’

Is this… good enough? Be harsh. (next)
~ Fang


  • 15/08/2013 (3:19 PM)

    This looked good and I have nothing to nitpick. The ending with a question thing doesn’t bother me.

    Also, Nigel needs some “deal with it” glasses. Kill wyvern, acquire bitches. Deal with it, everyone else.

    Deal with it bro

  • 13/08/2013 (12:56 AM)

    You can also ignore my previous comment about him turning the scale into a shield. Sheesh that scale is small. Ahh I missed the bit where you said it was the size of his hand, and just read that it was as thick as his hand. It would make a badass necklace. This was good but I don’t think you should have ended on a question. Ending on cliffhangers is kinda okay, but that was way too sudden. In my humble opinion at least.

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