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03 08 13

Caves, p22

I suck at drawing and give up too quickly, so no fancy illustrations. I’ll have to let my words do the painting! (previous)

Before anyone realized it was this close the wyvern jumped in. As if lifting itself out of a pit, it pulled itself through the tunnel it came from. It clawed at the ceiling, found its grip and hung there, exposing its slender but large and intimidating body in its entirety. Steam shot by its jagged rows of fangs as it breathed. An unmoving red glint came from its deep black eyes. It turned its head towards the trembling people below, its dark blue scales made an unnoticeable noise as it did.
‘Holy shit.’
Chips of rock fell down from where the wyvern was holding on. The thick claws at the ends of its wings were digging into the ceiling. It had no legs and was holding up its spiny tail on pure upper body strength, a feat made even more impressive by how casually it was swaying it.

An endless amount of time passed before someone mustered up the courage to take the initiative. ‘Quick,’ Roy took his sword in hand. ‘Separate!’
Marius was quick to move, but it was seconds before Nigel and Mitchell budged. And even then they weren’t the fastest. Eventually everyone had separated, all standing in the far corners of the area they were in. The wyvern was still looking down from above, seemingly amused by the futile tactics its tiny prey were trying to use. One of its talons let go of the ceiling and it let it hang low. As soon as it touched the ground it released its other claw and gracefully dropped to the floor. If it wanted it could now spin its tail around and hit all four humans at once.

Mitchell was facing the wyvern head on. Though he still had his sword in hand he doubted it’d be of much use in this situation. It wouldn’t stand a chance against the “impenetrable scales” of the wyvern.
‘Listen up!’ Roy shouted from across the room. It was apparent he too was afraid, but something about the way he spoke was comforting, inspiring. ‘I’ll try to strike it from its back. While it’s distracted try to get at any possible weak spot. Eyes, armpits, anything!’ There was no reply to Roy’s seemingly suicidal plan. ‘If we don’t try we’re going out for sure, so give it your best!’

Hope I didn’t make it overly descriptive, and it was actually doable to read. Be harsh! (Also, are there no synonyms for ceiling?) (next)
~ Fang


  • 13/08/2013 (12:47 AM)

    Well the Beer For The Shower boys picked out probably the only mistake and I missed it anyway. I think the description worked really good and was pretty well written too. Don’t worry about that at all.

  • 05/08/2013 (2:37 PM)

    Great descriptions. I don’t think it’s overly descriptive. I mean, you have to know what it looks like and what’s going on, otherwise what’s the point?

    My only nitpick is this: “It turned his head towards”

    Since the wyvern is an it, the sentence should be “It turned its head towards”

  • 04/08/2013 (10:32 AM)

    Go for the eyes. The eyes are always weak.

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