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So yeah, good excuse to cut the post a tad short right? Wrong! Nothing is ever a good excuse to slack on the thing most ingrained in your daily routine that is not part of your basic human needs. But what do I talk about then? My everlasting inner struggles? The depressing reality that is my daily life? No, screw that shit. Not that I’ve got much better things to talk about. Well, I thought of something, but then got distracted and forgot it by the time I went back to this tab. That’s how you know it’s me and not some impostor.

Night of the party, but here’s a less happy note. While in the shower yesterday, I somehow ended up thinking about writing a future-self autobiography. You know, writing about where, how I realistically see myself in thirty-something years. The stuff I came up with… pretty depressing. Thing is, I still see myself as a kid. A kid with young-adult privileges. I’m naive, stubborn, and don’t know jack about the “real” world. I’ve got all these childish dreams and ambitions, but I’ll probably just end up doing some sort of fucking system maintenance for minimum wage.

I hate thinking about the future, and I hate thinking about thinking about it. Should I, or should I not? There’s no middle road, because that’s just how I roll. See, I told you, stubborn. (And again with the commas fucking everywhere.) But really, how much does thinking about the future help? And if it helps, when does living in the moment outweigh it? The moment’s too much fun to ignore, but one day it’ll have to end. Kiddy playtime doesn’t last forever, sadly. And that’s where my life may very well take a turn for the flop.

Whatever, I’ll enjoy strutting about in my super sexy bathrobe for now.
~ Fang

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