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And when I say a lot I mean one thing with huge significance.

Sadly, for the plan to succeed, I can’t speak about it yet. You’ll probably hear of its thrilling conclusion in tomorrow’s post, shit’s going to be so cash. It already is, but it’ll be even more so when people casually find out. I know not many people I know in real life check my blog regularly, but hey, can’t be taking that risk. It’d ruin such a large part of the fun. That’s just how Project Snip works.

That’s always the hard part though, of pranks and such things. Keeping them secret, not revealing anything until the “moment supreme”. It even becomes hard to not drop hints everywhere you go. But when you manage to pull through that hard part, when you can just keep your trap shut for a day or two, glory awaits you. And that glory is what I expect (or hope, rather) to receive tomorrow.

More details then, but for now, eh, short post, deal with it.
~ Fang


  • 14/08/2013 (5:59 AM)

    Hey, stop being like my blog and share your secrets. >:(

    Or I can just check in tomorrow.

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