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But it’s a tad late, don’t you think?

So I’ve been inspired to start doing gamedev again. I’m going to start working on a mystery dungeon game (2D dungeon-crawler rougelike, whatever) of my own. Seems like a really fun project, and I have an idea of how I’m going to approach it now. Program some basics while figuring out the best way to handle the system as a whole, then plan that out ahead of time. This’ll allow me to, hopefully, write the basis of the game without having to rewrite it ten times.

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As outlined in yesterday’s post, I went and visited Thorworks today, on the invite of their game designer.

Public transport took about two hours. Luckily rush hour had passed by the time I went, so the trains weren’t the human equivalent of a can of sardines anymore. Walking from the metro station to their office was fairly straightforward. Literally. Just one turn, and that’s it. Gave them a call to say I had arrived, and they let me into their office. They got a huge building… but only (part of?) one floor to themselves. Still, pretty impressive stuff. A couple of minutes later, with all the formalities out of the way, we got to the good stuff.

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Worry not, I have no intend on watching the whores and doing the drugs. Geez, what kind of stupid tourist do you hold me for?

No, no, I’m going there for something way cooler. Remember when I met that guy from Thorworks during a Walibi event? Well, apparently he’s been lurking my blog. Hi! He noticed I have been struggling with getting back into game development. He’s willing to help me out, even be a feedback buddy, and has invited me to come to their office in Amsterdam. I may have almost jumped with joy.

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28 08 13

Caves, p26

Late in multiple ways. Still kind of burnt, but whatever, the caves won’t stop bustling with life any time soon. (previous)

‘So anyway,’ Warren exclaimed as if closing up a topic he’d rather not talk about. ‘How’s the guild work been going?’
Andrea suddenly sat upright, like she was happy that the question was being asked. ‘I helped out Sanna the other day! All the wounded are making her-‘
‘I wasn’t asking you.’ Warren sneered at her. He probably didn’t mean to, but it seemed to hit Andrea pretty hard anyway.
‘Oh, uh…’ Mitchell hastily tried to formulate an opinion. ‘It’s okay, aside from the whole “your life is at risk” thing.’
Warren laughed, maybe a little too enthusiastically given the subject. ‘I wouldn’t worry about it! So, are you joining?’
‘Not… right now, no.’ He noticed a hint of disappointment on Warren’s face. ‘It’s not out of the question though! I’ve made a lot of friends here, after all. And I still don’t have any alternatives either!’
‘It’s okay, give it some time.’

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It took me five fucking minutes to think of a decent title, and that’s the best I could do. Goes to show.

Today wasn’t necessarily a bad day for me. Sure I’m really low on energy for some reason, but that shouldn’t be something to ruin happy fun times, right? Nope. But then when you go and add up a shitton of tiny annoyances, those hit pretty hard. A lot of them in a short time span, it’s starting to poop in my cereal. Maybe I’m not used to it, or simply can’t take stuff like this well. Best guess it’s a combination of factors all eclipsing into today. (That’s a way to say it, right?)

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