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Like what the what?

The world is full of ’em, those tiny, insignificant things you barely ever notice, and when you do, don’t pay much mind to. If you can take a few minutes of your time to actually look at them though, you’ll be amazed by how intriguing they are. Quick and dirty example, magnets. Sure they’re attracted to metal, and that can be useful sometimes, but how do they even work? I’m starting to sound like those Insane Clown Posse dudes, but be honest, isn’t it awesome that magnets just work like that?

Computers, too. I know it’s a bunch of teeny tiny transistors, but still, there’s so many on such a small surface, it blows my mind. And they all function properly, too, even if they’re packed as tightly together as they are. And WiFi is a bunch of wireless signals, but they can be sent all over, go through objects, oh my!

And don’t even get me started on nature! Giant colonies of ants working together in an organized fashion? Birds that can imitate any sound they hear? Lizards that shoot their own blood as a defense mechanism? Someone get me out of here, ’cause I am done!

What are the things that continue to amaze you?
~ Fang


  • 25/07/2013 (10:47 AM)

    It’s funny you should mention the Insane Clown Posse (Magnets, how the fuck do they work?) because their song Miracles (the song that line is from) is pretty much all about this. Those tiny little things that are amazing to see if you take the time. I think rainbows are still probably one of my favourites. And the aurora borealis.

  • 25/07/2013 (6:57 AM)

    We are the Universe comprehending itself.

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