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02 07 13


There’s so many, and you can do so much with them!

You know, fictionally. I don’t want to come off as some creep with a weird thing for brutal weapons, and using them appropriately… in real life. Nah, they’re more for show in real life, and should be used as such. In fiction though, you can pretty much go wild! I should probably compile a list of weapon types, weapons from each type, subcategories, modifiers, and so on, so we can make a random weapon generator if you ever need a writing prompt, or just a weapon for your new character.

There’s so many different weapon types, but even if you look in just one category, say, swords, there’s so much to discover! Did you know making the blade of a sword wavy is a thing that is done? Flame-bladed swords are pretty darn rough, chances are getting hit by one of them rips you open, instead of just making a clean cut. There’s more weirdly-shaped swords where that one came from! Some don’t even look like swords anymore, but are just blades bent in weird ways that make them easy to hold or something. You know, sort of like brass knuckles, but razor-sharp.

You can look on a much larger scale, too. Catapults are freaking awesome, and they have their subclasses too. Trebuchets are very interesting from a functional standpoint.
Or you could get a lot more novel. It’s not often that you see slings, rods or even nets used as offensive weaponry, but maybe you can do something cool with it? Nets could actually work quite well, especially in one-v-one situations, just swing it around your opponent and stab him with the dagger you had handy. …Okay yeah it’s not really net-only anymore, but you get the idea.

A pinch of fairy dust and a firm belief in magic can set you up for some crazy new weapons, too.
~ Fang

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