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Entrance was free if you came dressed up in something that even vaguely resembled Mario’s outfit, so why the hell not?

As far as I could that, that was the entire setup for the day. And hey, who am I to turn down a day of fun in an amusement park? Went there as a small group of four, and… there weren’t an awful lot of Marios. Apparently not everyone had done their research, of was crazy enough to actually do it. What about us, then? We just jacked some blue overalls, got some “cheap” red hats and draw mustaches on our faces. Just like that, we got in for free.

Apparently there were a bunch of different gaming-related things scattered across the park, on top of its usual attractions. To be honest, we didn’t do much gaming, but we did have a blast. As it got later and later, waiting times for attractions were getting shorter and shorter. Too bad we were pretty burnt out already, and couldn’t make the most of it. Still, we had some fun times hanging around the “retro gaming” area. Played some Bomberman, but that’s about it, they were starting to close up. (I really wanted to give that Pokemon Stadium a shot, too bad.)

Just before they did though, I talked to someone who was messing around with an Oculus Rift. Yeah, the cool virtual-reality thing. One thing led to another, and apparently he’s one of the developers over at Thorworks. They haven’t released anything yet, but from what he’s told me things are sounding pretty interesting. Said I did some hobbyist game development as well, but I feel kind of stupid now since I haven’t done that in, god, a month or so?

Fuck me, I need to get back to work. Or, you know, think of something small, limit my scope, and make a cute fun game out of it.
~ Fang


  • 20/07/2013 (11:57 PM)

    Make a cute game. Involving Pokemon. And Stadiums.

    Basically I’m telling you to make a port of Pokemon Stadium. It was a pretty cool game. This event you were at sounds awesome. I’d definitely have dressed up as Mario for fun, never mind the free entrance fee.

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