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27 07 13

That ends it

The sweet calm and silence is no more.

Thrash taken out, check. Dishes done, check. Entire house vacuumed and cleaned up, check. My parents get back tomorrow afternoon, but I’ll be spending most of that day on the beach, so it’s best I get everything nice and tidy now. You know, cleaning up the mess I oh so professionally made. It’s a necessary evil though, don’t want to get scolded “oh we came back and the house was a mess!”

I kid, I kid. Things weren’t that bad. Sure, about time I vacuumed again, but that’s about it. I’m a tidy boy, I know how to keep things clean.
Shame though, I was starting to get used to having the house to myself. So easy with everything. You decide when and what you eat, you invite people over however you see fit, you prance around with whatever amount of clothing suits you best (very little (eh, I got shorts on, don’t worry), because fuck is it hot over here), and there’s nobody you need to mind, so showering past midnight is not a problem at all.

Have to cut this one a bit short though, need to head to bed quickly. Getting up early tomorrow, accompanying a friend to a faraway place –he needs to drive some folks there–, and then spend the day at the beach with him, because why not. Been a while since I swam in the sea. A year or two, I’d say. About time I went back in, ha.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend,
~ Fang


  • 28/07/2013 (1:07 AM)

    Well you’re doing several money making ventures right now. You could probably rent a cheap place if you really wanted to and were able to budget yourself that well.

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