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Got home from another great pool party, second thing my dad asks my is if I want to look into KIX codes.

Apparently KIX is the name of the barcode-esque stripes codes the largest postal service around here uses. I’ve seen them around, and continue to be amazed by the wide variety of different codes that people have made up over the years. I just looked some stuff on, on the KIX code, and generating it is basically as simple as taking the adres information you want to convert, putting it in a specific format, and then throwing the KIX font on top of it. Easy-peasy.

It’s cool though, ’cause we got barcodes, QR Codes, freaking High Capacity Color Barcodes, that actually incorporate color into their encryption. Mighty efficient space-wise, too bad you’re limited to using only a few distinct colors, because hey, shitty cameras. There ShotCode too, which kind of looks like a bullseye? You really should head over to the Wikipedia page on barcodes, it’s pretty fun to see what all the different types look like.

Gets me wondering, how hard would it be to make your own? I’m not even talking about something that’d actually get used, but just something fun as a side-project for during the summer. Purely educational. Can’t be that hard, right? You’d need a tool that can read them, too, which may become a bit of a pain. Would be pretty sweet though, and you could put in some fun easter eggs, that certain phrases or images, encoded, turn up a code that resembles something related to the data encrypted. If you’re clever and got a lot of pixel artists, you could probably make something QR Code-like that encrypts your data so that it looks like tiny drawings of puppies or something.

I’m coming for you, future of barcode design!
~ Fang


  • 10/07/2013 (7:14 AM)

    This is a bit beyond me. I mean, my phone is too obsolete to read QR codes.

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