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The fuck is this?

Or rather, what men among men call their BATTLESTATIONS.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. There’s much more to a battlestation than some fancy monitors. We may get to that some other day. Today is not that day. Today, we talk raw display-power. Not display of power, but display-power. You often see those stockholders, those invest-y types hanging around their mediocre computers, with tens of monitors attached to them. Okay, not tens, but the average is definitely somewhere around six, eight? Who knows, it’s a magical world from there on out.

Multiple monitors aren’t just for looking cool while on a pretty boring job (not that I can speak from experience). They’re super functional, because hey, you can now see more things at once, right? True. Multi-tasking is generally a bad idea, but having more than just one light-filled box in front of you helps you keep things organized, and makes sure you have access to whatever you need, when you need it (assuming you’ve already set it up and open).

They can be used as more than just separate screen, too. Like Power Rangers or Transformers, they can combine their forces, stand united, and become one giant display for you to enjoy your movies or games on. Of course this works better the smaller the gaps between the edges of the screens are, and you will need a decent enough graphics card to support it all, but just imagine if you could surround yourself with monitors. Now that’s how you pull off a #360noscope! (I am not up to par with my shooter terminology, I probably used this way wrong.)

In the end though, we must face it. Most of us are too poor to have the luxury of being able to invest in multiple monitors. And hey, as long as you don’t really super need them, that’s fine. Just do your job right with what you have, and you will eventually be able to make it easier.

Me? I’m still stuck with an OS that can’t handle full-screen properly.
~ Fang


  • 19/07/2013 (10:45 PM)

    I wish I had a BATTLESTATION but I’ve actually not got much use for one :( Although I would also like a dome of screens for a true immersive virtual reality.

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