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22 07 13

I’m giving in

Doing barely anything productive may not be so super bad after all.

Spent the last three days hanging with friends, and will do so tomorrow too. Great times, fun times, no regrets, the usual. I still haven’t gotten much useful done though. Nothing for work, nothing for myself. Hell, I haven’t touched gamedev in the longest time now. I really should get back to that, but eh, lazy-times. The fact that I’m constantly melting (sometimes even coming close to my boiling point) isn’t helping either.

But hey, I’m enjoying myself, so there isn’t anything wrong, right? It just kind of sucks that I had all kinds of things lined up, some even with people looking forward to their completion, but now I’m putting zero effort in. Oh well, can’t have everything.

So yeah, there’s that. The second and last week of home-alone starts today, got to make the most out of it. (Sorry for the short post, gone for pretty much the entire day.)
~ Fang


  • 23/07/2013 (10:26 AM)

    You need time to recharge and relax. Never feel bad for taking time off for yourself, it’s never wasted.

  • 22/07/2013 (12:52 PM)

    We all gotta take breathers from the hard work sometimes, even if that hard work is creative. Without it, I’d go nuts. Enjoy it.

  • 22/07/2013 (11:48 AM)

    Sounds like a good plan ;)

  • 22/07/2013 (11:19 AM)

    Have fun with your friends man. Some of the best days are ones where you don’t do anything productive.

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