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Well, sort of… A little bit.

Hung at a friend’s today, brought my laptop so I could get started on prototyping a small game I may be making for the sailing school he works at. If all goes well that’ll land me a nice job opportunity, as well as something awesome to put on my portfolio. So, got started on the prototype and… didn’t really get very far, since it’s been way too long since I last touched Unity.

But hey, at least I did some basics, got myself back into the flow a little bit. He noticed what I was doing was sort of wrong, corrected me, and taught me the basics on how to operate a sailing boat. So basically you just lengthen or shorten a rope, and fiddle with the rudder a bit? Sounds easy enough. If I ever find myself stranded with nothing but a sailing boat to get myself home… I’ll still won’t make it, but at least I’ll die in the middle of the ocean instead of the beach.

That salami pizza hit hard though, I’m way thirsty right now.
~ Fang


  • 02/07/2013 (1:01 AM)

    And when you die in the middle of the ocean, you become food for some fish and continue the circle of life. Ahh that sweet sweet circle of life. Good for you for actually doing some work. I think it might be good for you to know yourself how to use a sailboat before making something for a sailing school.

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