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Be mindful of who you bare your fangs at, son.

Gee, my Absolutely Terrible Idea Bin is getting rather full. I wonder why.

Got the urge to pick up my old Pokemon Emerald again. Start a run from scratch, for nostalgia and fun. Generation 3 completely overhauled the way the creatures’ stats are handled internally, providing for more variation. It added a shitload of new mechanics, and not to mention the new Pokemon, moves, items, and so on. I got intrigued by the handling of the statistics though. Gave it some thought, figured out why some things are done the way they are for competitive play, and wondered about how hard it would be to come up with a similar system of your own.

Obviously, that’d be pretty fucking hard. You don’t want to make it a blatant rip-off, but then again, it looks like Pokemon’s system has everything. You can change the names for everything around a bit, but then what?
No. You need to build this baby from the ground up.
See you in five years, sucker.

Seriously though, it’s all got that cool RPG-esque grandness to it. That means the scope’s way too large for me to handle, but it still pulls me in. Boy I’d give so much just to look at the source code for a few minutes. Some folks on the internet got some good documentation on the binaries, but eh. Even the Assembly files of the disassembled Pokemon Red ROM are useless to me, because I’m just that much of a scrub.

In any case, though it may be a bit high to aim, I still want to make a Pokemon-like RPG, or at least prototype it for a little bit. I wonder how well it’d play in an online cooperative environment? Ugh, just thinking that is a stupid move, I haven’t even thought about the basics yet. What do I want gameplay to be like? How do I want it to work internally? How detailed should everything be?

Pff, I should stop being overly ambitious.
~ Fang


  • 29/07/2013 (12:29 AM)

    Nah you should be overly ambitious. Just split it up into smaller goals first and build your skills up. You need some kind of pinnacle to aim for or you’re just learning for the sake of learning. While that’s good, it won’t keep you going in the long run.

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