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We’re getting close to the 900th post here, but we don’t really care, now do we?

Spent the last two days at a friend’s place, with another friend. About time I got to see his room. It kind of sucks donkey balls though, so he’s going to see if he can move somewhere else soon. Boy am I glad I can still live with my parents. Sure it doesn’t look that good on you, and sure it has its bad sides, but all in all I’m avoiding a lot of hassle, and allowing myself to live a little easier.

Anyway, I don’t expect to put out some great posts the coming few weeks. Caves will keep going, but other than that, I don’t have anything planned and will probably end up writing shitty last-minute ones like this one. Maybe I should force myself to write some more Things You Didn’t Know About * posts, or perhaps start writing another story alongside Caves? It’ll bring more content to the table, that’s for sure. But hey, you know me, that won’t ever happen!

By now the majority of my blog posts is about me apologizing for lack of content, or explaining why it is so. No regrets, really. At least that way I have something to show my kids later. “Don’t ever end up like that, son.” I was about to say that I’d tell my grandchildren that, because I don’t want kids myself, but, you know, that’s kind of hard then.

Also fuck what is with all these mosquito bites.
~ Fang


  • 05/07/2013 (8:43 AM)

    This is exactly why I post every 3rd day. It gives me a higher chance of having something to talk about. :P

  • 05/07/2013 (12:41 AM)

    Hey you have a job, it’s perfectly acceptable to live with your parents. Especially at your age and especially given how pretty much the entire world is in financial meltdown. Unless you’re literally living in the basement. In which case it’s just cooler because then you’re living my dream.

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