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Not to mention the shits and giggles. Because, you know, having fun is important!

Fuck I’m hella tired today. That pool party yesterday sure wore me out. And there’s this thing with my left foot that’s been going on for a while, and it may or may not be infected, or muscle acting weird, or whatever the hell it may be. It hurts a bit, even more so when I strain the muscles in my foot. Oh well, nothing to do about it but wait and hope it heals. If not, I may need to go see a doctor. There goes my money.

Have done a lot of drawing tonight. Participated in one of those drawthreads, it’s basically artists hanging out and people requesting things to be drawn. Great fun, and I really need the practice, so why not? One of the things I did was this glorious piece. Even while using a reference I managed to fuck the anatomy up pretty bad, but apparently the colors are well-done and people actually liked it, so hurray I guess?

Giraffe with a kilt.

I also drew a guy who apparently looks a lot like me. Short-ish, glasses, curly hair, all that. He’s a way better artist than me though, heh. At least I know I don’t have shit taste. That’s the thing with seeing your own art as bad. It just means your skills don’t match your taste yet. And that’s a good thing, since you can remain critical of your own works, see where to improve, and can keep moving forward.

Also, I just compressed all the content images used in posts, hopefully they’ll load a bit quicker now.
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  • 11/07/2013 (8:03 PM)

    I love the way that guy’s perving on the giraffe. That’s a great drawing. I don’t know enough about giraffe proportions but it looks good to me.

    Also, just read over the last Caves and other than Mark’s input, it looks great. Keep up at it, and looking forward to more.

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