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Absolutely golden, all the way through.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but Disney’s movies are hella good. Like, real damn good. So good, you want to go and rewatch all your childhood favorites, and then some! That’s what I’ve been doing lately at least. Brings back some good memories from the simpler times, when we still had a working VHS reader and “Hakuna Matata” wasn’t replaced by “#YOLO” yet. I’ve started with The Little Mermaid (yes, yeah) and The Lion King, and intend to keep on trucking at least until I’ve seen most of the classics.

Sure the animated movies Disney’s currently bringing out are great too, but there’s something special about those beautiful 2D animations that their more recent 3D films don’t have. It’s that special charm, that subtle touch that the (most likely) hand-drawn graphics provide. It’s just such a pleasure to the eye, and I’m not even saying this because it gets me nostalgic. It just looks brilliantly good, and the animations, all the movement seems so fluid.

(Hastily edited in: Imagine I speak high words of the soundtracks here.)

Can’t make a post about Disney without giving their credit for their stories, either. They nabbed a few fairytales and made movies on those. Some with their own twist, some in their original form. But there’s also lots and lots of original work in there. The motives and morals are strong, but there seem to be some hidden messages in there as well. And I’m not talking about those lame-ass subliminal messages, those are just nuts. I’m talking about tiny things in dialogue for example, that seem to hint at modern events, or things that have become or still are relevant today. Cool stuff, but on the lookout for them.

Much praise to Disney for their continued awesomeness, hopefully the next generation will remember them as fondly as we do.
~ Fang


  • 26/07/2013 (11:36 PM)

    Except the subliminal messages aren’t nuts. Okay, some of them are, I’ll give you that. Tarzan and Mulan all the way. Lion King is good, sure, but…Tarzan. I also can’t believe you forgot to mention the soundtracks. They had some epic soundtracks in those animated movies. Then they went and ruined them. I love Disney, I really do, but they’ve gone down a steep hill they seem to be in no hurry to scale.

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