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Blood, sweat and tears.

You can just download all the words of the English language, how cool is that?

So I made a neat little thing today. Friend needed my phone number, so I gave it to him, but masked a couple of numbers as letters. You know, so that when you spell it out on a 3×4 numeric keypad, you get the correct numbers. We had some fun fiddling around with that (and apparently my number contains “call”, along with the dutch word for cake), and I went “hell, I could make a program that does this for us!” And so it happened. I got it working now, a full-length mobile phone number (10 digits, including the 06 prefix) on average makes just shy of 20k permutations, different combinations.

For a more user-friendly toy, I really should have it check to see if there’s a proper word in any given combination. If not, it should be discarded, since _hvkwovysf (underscore being a 0) just isn’t as fun as _ohfballs_ (yes, that is my phone number). But of course, I’d need a wordlist for this. For some reason I thought these were pretty hard to come by, but a quick Google search tells me otherwise. I now have access to wordlists for quite a few languages, and even some slang ones, too! I still need to find a good way of implementing it, so it doesn’t have to brute-force its way through all of the words until it finds a match.

But just think about it. So many words at your disposal, there’s a shitton of applications for that! And we aren’t even talking about sorted wordlists yet, that separate the nouns from the adjectives and what have you. If you got some good sources, a company name generator isn’t farfetched, for example. There’s much cooler stuff, too. You can use these things to do… spellcheck in your programs. Okay okay hang on I got something better for you. *~random word picker~*

That is the extent of my creativity at the moment. Dump suggestions down below, and I may just realize them.
~ Fang


  • 05/07/2013 (11:53 PM)

    You know that dictionaries come in paper form right? Paper is a marvelous invention. Sarcasm aside though it does sound like a pretty fun thing to do and I’d probably get a kick out of it.

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