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29 07 13

Caves, p21

“Sir, you should know that, despite our continued efforts, our comma supplies are running low!” “What? I don’t care, throw them in anyway, as many as possible!” (previous)

‘So,’ Mitchell had his mouth full of food, but spoke anyway. ‘What now?’
Nigel was pacing around. ‘Wait for the hunter to get back.’ He stopped and looked in the direction Marius left in. ‘Should be finding the nest. If doesn’t, we go searching.’
‘Would be pretty stupid to leave without destroying their nest.’ Roy commented. ‘If we don’t get rid of the source they’ll be back at full force within weeks.’ He sighed. ‘Marius sure is taking his sweet time though.’
‘Speak of the fucking devil…’ Nigel didn’t sound too happy. Marius came running back holding his right arm with his left, one of his knives missing.

‘It’s a-‘ He huffed and puffed. Apparently he had run a long way, judging by how out of breath he was. ‘Wyvern!’
‘These aren’t fun jokes.’ Roy stood up. ‘Wyverns are just myths, don’t scare us like this!’
‘Fuck you!’ With a bewildered look on his face Marius dropped to the floor. ‘This a joke to you?’ He showed the wound on his right arm. It was a deep one, running across the length of his limb and bleeding heavily. He looked at his left hand. It was completely red, drenched in his blood. ‘This is… Hehe… This is mine…’
‘The hell man! Did it chase?’ Nigel was shaking a little bit.
Marius nodded, but flinched when a deep growling came from deeper in the caves. ‘It comes!’

Mitchell was getting confused. A wyvern? He’d only heard that name once or twice in mythology class. Those couldn’t possibly be real, could they? ‘So, what now?’ He hesitantly asked.
‘Run to live, ‘course!’ Nigel yelled.
‘No!’ Roy protested. ‘If this wyvern is the real deal we can’t go back to Whelhaven. It’ll be destroyed!’ He looked in the direction the beast would be coming from. ‘The caves won’t be safe either, there’s still a lot of unmapped area around here, who knows what we may encounter.’
‘Then what?’ The angry tone in Nigel’s voice mixed with his trembling and caused it to crack. ‘You say we fight it? Piss off, I wanna live past this!’ He started hastily packing his stuff.
‘Razor-sharp claws, impenetrable scales, unparalleled agility… It’ll be tough but if we group up we may be able to take it on.’ Roy sighed. ‘We need a way to find its weak spot before it wrecks us.’

Good lord, I could actually be bothered writing this, even though it’s my birthday. Social standards can’t tell me what to do! (next)
~ Fang


  • 30/07/2013 (6:17 PM)

    Happy birthday, my friend! We both hope it’s a good one. And fuck social standards. Both of us write on our birthdays. It’d feel weird if we didn’t.

    This chunk looked good. I love that description of the Wyvern – ‘Razor-sharp claws, impenetrable scales, unparalleled agility.’ I’m looking forward to seeing this thing in action soon.

  • 29/07/2013 (9:18 PM)

    Happy birthday Fang mah boi! I’m going to be writing on holiday so there’s nothing wrong with writing on your birthday. Also, Wyverns? I like where this is going.

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