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21 07 13

Caves, p19

Sorry it got delated, but here it is. Writing it late though, so quality is not guaranteed (as usual). (previous)

‘Shh!’ Nigel gestured to be quiet and slow down. Marius came to a complete halt, tilted his head back a bit, and sniffed the air a couple of times. ‘Yeah.’
They hadn’t been walking for very long yet. An hour, maybe two. Mitchell noticed he was getting tired a bit more quickly than usual. Probably due to both the extra weight of his sword and his rough night. Roy didn’t seem to have any problems though, and he carried a massive weapon on his back, so Mitchell tried his best walking on steadily as well.
‘We getting closer.’ Nigel confirmed. ‘Keep ready.’ They proceeded forward slowly. Caves branching out to the sides, or even to above or below started becoming more frequent. Most paths didn’t look very natural either, as if they had been dug out.

Soon, the group found themselves standing around a large hole, where the cave system branched downward. Soft scratching noises could be heard coming from down there. Mitchell wanted to ask a question, but Roy noticed and quickly put his hand in front of Mitchell’s mouth, and pointed at Nigel with the other. He had prepared a flare of sorts, which he proceeded to set on fire and throw down the hole.
It didn’t hit the ground though, oh no, that wouldn’t be possible. A soft thud could be heard, looking down revealed it had landed on a critter. It wasn’t very odd it did, considering the entire ground there was covered with them. Even with the light source, it was kind of hard to make them out. Them seemed to be running around without any specific purpose, but slowly came to a stop after they noticed the flare.

Marius opened his sunstone’s satchel up, gripped his claw-like daggers, and jumped down. Nigel gestured for the others to do the same.
‘What?’ Mitchell whispered. ‘You want to dive right in there?’
‘Why not?’ Nigel replied, somewhat loudly compared to Mitchell. Maniacal laughter echoed through the caves. ‘See, Mar’s having fun already, we missing out!’
Mitchell started panicking a little bit. ‘But what about me being in the back line?’ Before he had finished his question, Nigel had already jumped down as well.
‘Don’t worry Mitch,’ Roy put his hand on his shoulder. ‘I got your back, so just focus on what you learnt.’
They both took their swords in their hands, opened up their sunstones, and jumped down.

I feel like I’m having trouble conveying things here, fuck. Oh well, at least there’s some action happening now! (next)
~ Fang


  • 21/07/2013 (11:22 PM)

    I think you conveyed things alright. It is pretty insane to jump into a hole filled with critters though. Depending on what the critters are I guess. There’s an incorrect letter here and there and I think I would change “not very odd it did” to “It wasn’t very odd it did” as well because I was a little confused at first.

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