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12 07 13

Caves, p17

Ah, that was a lot of work but I got it done, time to chill out. Wait… I still have to write a new Caves. Fuck! (Previous.)

‘Nicely done, good aim!’ Roy complimented Mitchell, as he pulled the tip of his sword out of a bullseye. The second day of training was about to come to an end. Though pretty tired from it all, Mitchell had improved a lot over those two short days. He had learned the ins and outs of his sword, and could handle it pretty decently now. His thrusting could hit the mark quite consistently, which apparently showed he had “real good eye for nasty jabbin'”.

Roy placed his hand on Mitchell’s shoulder. ‘I think we’re done here for today.’ He raised his other hand in the air, and made a circling gesture with his index finger. ‘Let’s pack up and get a good night’s rest. Apparently Nigel wants to leave early tomorrow.’
It was just the two of them, the other members of the swordsman crew weren’t present. They had left Roy with the task to prepare Mitchell for their coming mission. He didn’t seem to mind though, he enjoyed teaching, and had already found a great friend in Mitchell.
‘Roy,’ Mitchell started, ‘how does a quick beer sound? My treat.’
‘Sure, can’t say no to that!’

The bar in the Bastion was long open when they came inside, and it was crowded as usual. Mitchell ordered two beers while Roy went and sought out a free table.
‘Cheers, thanks for teaching me as well as you did.’ Mitchell toasted, holding his mug up in the air.
Roy bumped his against it. ‘The pleasure’s all mine.’
‘Well, look who’s here.’ Andrea stepped towards them just as they took their first swig. ‘Boozing it up even though you got a job tomorrow, tch.’ She chuckled quietly.
‘Look, look,’ Mitchell ignored her remark and proudly stood up and turned to his right, showing of his sheathed smallsword. ‘I can actually handle this thing now!’
‘Impressive, impressive.’ She nodded in approval. ‘But ya need to put it to good use tomorrow, so don’t go super wild tonight.’
‘Don’t worry,’ Roy reassured her, ‘just one beer can’t hurt!’

Hope those beers don’t hit them harshly. (next)
~ Fang


  • 13/07/2013 (11:50 AM)

    Other than one missing word “The bar in the Bastion was open when THEY came inside” it was fine.

    Heh. Dirty jokes abound.

  • 13/07/2013 (8:28 AM)

    He doesn’t have Asian blood if I’m correct. He’ll be fine.

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