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08 07 13

Caves, p16

Ho-hoo! I wanted to say something about this thing running for a long time now, but last time I did it ended with me writing a short-ass sub-par piece, so let’s not do that today, okay? (Previous.)

Nigel stepped forward, his sword held in two hands, facing the dummy. He gripped the hilt a bit tighter, took a deep breath, and held it in as he ran towards his target. His sword moved to his left, turned backwards, and Nigel made his final leap forward, dashing right past the bundle of straw. As he passed it, his sword sliced the dummy, tearing the straws in two, one at a time, in rapid succesion. The tip of the blade tore it’s last few straws, and Nigel’s dash abruptly came to an end. He lowered his sword to his right, let the tip rest on the ground, and turned his head around to see how he had done. The floor was already covered in bits and pieces of straw, but the dummy was still bleeding them.

Clap, clap, clap. ‘Nicely done.’ Roy commented. ‘Still pretty bad form though, and don’t you think we should start off with more simple techniques? Here,’ he turned towards Mitchell, ‘let me show you.’ He pulled his sword out of the ground. This took him a good second, apparently he had stuck it in pretty deep. The blade turned out to be a lot longer than it had originally appeared as, and struck Mitchell with awe. Roy stepped towards another dummy, and held his sword out in front of him. ‘For heavier swords, holding it with two hands like this is most common. Yours can be wielded just fine with one though. It’ll seem a bit hard at first, but you need to get used to it. Power training won’t hurt you, either. Now, lets start with some basic sword movement.’

Damn, all those innuendos. (And in that wonky-ass second paragraph, too.) I can get away with two lengthy-ish paragraphs, right? Intended to cut it here anyway. Be harsh! (Next)
~ Fang


  • 08/07/2013 (9:50 PM)

    Well the descriptions are pretty good which certainly helps. I could read it and picture it perfectly in my head. I think I would describe Mitchell as “awestruck” rather than “struck with awe” though. That’s pretty much all I can see here.

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