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Pff, I’m so burnt right now, in a lot of different ways.

The heat over here right now is fucking unbearable, I tell you. Even inside it’s easily 30°C, and it sucks sweaty balls. There’s a raincloud hanging outside right now, so I hope that can give some much-needed cooling. Thunder growling in the distance as well, phew, looks promising. And there it goes, the wind picks up too. Always nice when you can get a solid air current through your house.

Still, aren’t there any other solutions for surviving great heat? Fill a bucket with cold water and dip your feet in it, so good. Drinking ice water helps, too. Biking is surprisingly effective as well, the wind does wonders for you. That is, until you get so hot you need to stop, at which point the wind against your body stops as well, making you feel like you’re on fire even more so. Sweat everywhere, ugh.

How are you guys holding out? How are the temperatures where you live? Is it doable? (Holy shit, lightning struck pretty loudly just now.) Do you have any secret techniques for tolerating hot weather? If so, teach me your ways please. I’m sure the others will be interesting in learning as well. Makes it all a bit less secret, but survival demands sacrifice, right?

Maybe I should try taking this overcoat off for a change.
~ Fang


  • 24/07/2013 (1:23 PM)

    Its freaking hot here too..the haze just making it worse

  • Anonymous
    23/07/2013 (10:08 PM)

    Pro-tip for the people who get headaches from the hot weather: A wet/moist washcloth on your forehead.
    This really do miracles! it cools you down quite a lot.

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