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but I'm good at computers

You know what would be cool? Playing a game with your p- What, why did you stop me? I was going to say pinky!

Let’s jump right in with an example. The Guitar Hero guitar controller. Nothing like any of those standard console controllers, right? That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Sure, the idea for it may have been pretty obvious given the game it was made for, but still, it’s something different. Something I’d like to see done more often. It can be to better suit the game, like those steering wheel controllers do, or just an entirely new way to give input to the game.

Now I’m no expert when it comes to hardware interface design, and I couldn’t give you a quick suggestion of what might work in a fun and unique way, nor am I saying this stuff won’t get hella expensive for the consumer. Still, let’s think out of the box for a bit. What if you had pedals at your feet that you could press to activate certain special effects? Or maybe alternately push them in rapid succession to take a specific action or make a nice combo? Not saying this is a good idea, but it’s something.

Gaming companies are trying to innovate too, by spicing up their controllers a bit. For example, the PS4 controller has a touchpad on it. Sure is nice, but kind of clunky to just stick it on there and call it done, isn’t it? Also, touch-stuff gives zero physical feedback, which is a bad thing. With my pedal example, you’d feel when you’ve successfully pressed them.

Also, I’m still all for a music controller that is waving your hands in the air, extending and twitching certain fingers, and having the software interpret that and make music out of it. (Comments temporarily disabled due to high amount of spam.)
~ Fang