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I’d have a new Caves for you today if I hadn’t spent my entire day making a theme for what is probably abandoned software.

It’s a real shame, good products becoming abandonware. Bowtie’s probably there already, but I emailed its developer for that final confirmation. God, I sure hope he sends back some good news. I’m afraid that the chances of that happening are slim though. (UPDATE: He emailed me back, and there’s a new update planned for the end of the summer. Hurray!) The program’s served me well over the years, but a recent iTunes update completely broke one of its functionalities. It’s not game-breaking, but still pretty annoying, especially when the theme you were going to make makes use of that functionality.

Honestly, I can see where developers come from when they abandon a piece of software. Especially the smaller groups, or single developers even. It’s tough work, maintaining a product, so that it’s always up to date with the latest and greatest, bugs are quickly solved, and users get some decent support. It’s a lot of work, and often when you feel like your product’s finished, there’s very little will left to continue working on tiny, annoying things.

From a user point-of-view though, it sucks donkey-balls. Especially if it hasn’t been made open source, so there’s no chance of tech-savvy users further tinkering with it either. And if there’s still a specific bug you’d like to see resolved, you’re out of luck.

Life’s tough being the end-user.
~ Fang


  • 08/07/2013 (8:04 PM)

    I hate seeing a good project abandoned, but sometimes it’s all you can do. We’ve even had to do that with writing. Sometimes it’s just not there. Better to work on something you’re passionate about than dwell on something that’s just not ‘clicking.’

  • 08/07/2013 (10:57 AM)

    Life is very tough being the end user but you’re also a programmer yourself. So you know to never abandon a piece of software. I’ve never really ran into much abandonware in my time though.

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