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18 07 13

A word on Caves

Let’s talk holes, if you catch my drift.

Okay okay, I’ll shut it with the vaguely cave-related puns, don’t worry. I just want to talk a little about Caves, the way it’s been coming along, and where it’s going. Kind of a small moment to look back and realize, hey, everything’s going better than expected, because it is. There’s a couple of reasons why, and there’s some things it’s positively influencing.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who’s been sticking with me all this time. Especially Mark and the guys from A Beer for the Shower, Brandon and Bryan. Your corrections and advice have been invaluable, and the “there’s nothing wrong with this, good job” kind of comments just make my day. You guys are essentially my main learning resource. Sure, writing Caves in itself is a valuable experience, but having others point of the mistakes and flaws which you yourself tend to overlook, it teaches you a lot, in relatively little time. And then you put what you learnt into practice, and it just works. Fun stuff.

So yeah, Caves has come a long way. What started as a little experiment to help flesh out an (overly ambitious) idea for a game, quickly turned into a living and breathing thing itself. Now, we’re closing in on twenty parts already, and I’m surprised I came this far.
To be honest, I have very little idea of where I’m taking this. I have a general red line, but that only goes so far, and I can only dig myself out of so many plot holes through clever narrating and simply proclaiming something is or isn’t canon. (Who am I kidding I can’t narrate cleverly for shit.) Making things up as I go is a nice solution, but I don’t think it’ll work out super well in the long run. Who knows though, maybe my spontaneously spawned plot devices will all come together later on?

I’ll try to keep it going for as long as I can without turning it into utter garbage. Time will tell how quickly that comes. It’ll probably be infinitely postponed, because that’s how I roll.
~ Fang


  • 19/07/2013 (6:59 AM)

    I wish I could have contributed more. Unfortunately with my sporadic blogging and commenting I have quite a few gaps in the story. :(

  • 18/07/2013 (7:23 PM)

    I’m telling you man, those crazy ass plot devices bring themselves together. I started with a story that was going to be 10 chapters long and 20k words. It’s now 93k words and has well over a good 10k left in it. I just wish it weren’t fanfiction. It’d make an awesome book. Although Amazon are implementing schemes allowing people to publish fanfiction. The money is split three ways between Amazon, the author, and the original content holder. Hasbro haven’t taken part though as far as I know.

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