Fang Talks

31 07 13

Good food

Oh dear, I’m going to get hungry just writing this.

Good food is important. Though not necessarily vital for our survival (bad food will do just as well as long as it provides all the nourishment you need), it most certainly is vital for our happiness and fitness. A nice meal does wonders for you, and eating healthy on a regular basis drastically improves quality of life. Some folks over at a gamedev community I hang out put “eat balanced and healthy” on their “how to get motivated and stay that way” list.

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You know what would be cool? Playing a game with your p- What, why did you stop me? I was going to say pinky!

Let’s jump right in with an example. The Guitar Hero guitar controller. Nothing like any of those standard console controllers, right? That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Sure, the idea for it may have been pretty obvious given the game it was made for, but still, it’s something different. Something I’d like to see done more often. It can be to better suit the game, like those steering wheel controllers do, or just an entirely new way to give input to the game.

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29 07 13

Caves, p21

“Sir, you should know that, despite our continued efforts, our comma supplies are running low!” “What? I don’t care, throw them in anyway, as many as possible!” (previous)

‘So,’ Mitchell had his mouth full of food, but spoke anyway. ‘What now?’
Nigel was pacing around. ‘Wait for the hunter to get back.’ He stopped and looked in the direction Marius left in. ‘Should be finding the nest. If doesn’t, we go searching.’
‘Would be pretty stupid to leave without destroying their nest.’ Roy commented. ‘If we don’t get rid of the source they’ll be back at full force within weeks.’ He sighed. ‘Marius sure is taking his sweet time though.’
‘Speak of the fucking devil…’ Nigel didn’t sound too happy. Marius came running back holding his right arm with his left, one of his knives missing.

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Gee, my Absolutely Terrible Idea Bin is getting rather full. I wonder why.

Got the urge to pick up my old Pokemon Emerald again. Start a run from scratch, for nostalgia and fun. Generation 3 completely overhauled the way the creatures’ stats are handled internally, providing for more variation. It added a shitload of new mechanics, and not to mention the new Pokemon, moves, items, and so on. I got intrigued by the handling of the statistics though. Gave it some thought, figured out why some things are done the way they are for competitive play, and wondered about how hard it would be to come up with a similar system of your own.

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27 07 13

That ends it

The sweet calm and silence is no more.

Thrash taken out, check. Dishes done, check. Entire house vacuumed and cleaned up, check. My parents get back tomorrow afternoon, but I’ll be spending most of that day on the beach, so it’s best I get everything nice and tidy now. You know, cleaning up the mess I oh so professionally made. It’s a necessary evil though, don’t want to get scolded “oh we came back and the house was a mess!”

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