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They're coming down the stairs.

I’m not feeling it.

You know the zone? The one where, when you’re in it, you get extremely productive? That’s a good zone to be in right? Yeah. Love it. Too bad it hasn’t been coming to me lately. No matter how hard I try, whenever I push myself to do something productive I never end up in that sweet spot anymore. I don’t know why, it used to come pretty easily, but not anymore.

This mostly holds true for working on Panic Attack. I can get started, I can give it an hour or so, but I burn out of energy for it so quickly. Perhaps my recent attempt at doing some art assets for it (which, of course, failed catastrophically) got me demotivated to work on it? Yeah, chances are that plays a big role. Also, the huge fucking mess some parts of the code are becoming are a huge thorn in my side. Usually I’d just refactor the shit out of them, but I don’t know how! Frustrating.

The school project is daunting, too. Once this exam week is over (which it’ll be after tomorrow) we’ll have to start working on that again as well. Not fun, not fun. Going to be a huge bitch to get all that “enterprise” enough for the school to give us a decent grade. Actually, that’s not really what they look for. I don’t know what though, but I suspect “oh yeah seems good”, “looks neat”, “IS YOUR FUCKING PAPERWORK PERFECT YET” seems like a good rundown.

Hurray, I get to write the next part of Caves tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 13/06/2013 (4:37 PM)

    I hate when I’m not feeling it. I just never get anything done. It seems it’s better to wait until my funk passes than to try to force it.

    Where’s Caves???

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