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And not as hot as we expected it to be.

Because of the expected heat, and because of my sixth sense, I went over to a friend with some others, and we had a pool party of sorts. Got there around eleven in the morning, he had just gotten out of bed. Perfect timing, right? With our small group complete, we went for a swim in the pool near his home. He has free access to it, since it’s property of the resort-esque are he lives on. (Still not quite sure how that works, but whatever.)

We chilled out in the still rather cold water. It was pretty okay. Went back, had a beer, some more people came over, and we went swimming again. Went back, played some ball games. (Got it to the face and the groin, not the most pleasant experiences.) Had dinner, so many pancakes (bacon and banana yeah!), and nice desert to boot. We went for another quick swim, but sadly not everyone could be bothered to get all wet again, if you catch my drift. (Wiggly eyebrows go here.)

Bike home was… surprisingly pleasant, if you don’t take the abundance of flies into account. I biked at top-gear the entire time, and never felt like I was about to die or anything. Kind of a shame the temperatures didn’t go as high as expected, since we now had access to a pool and everything, but I think it’s for the better.

So tired, I’ll be sleeping so soundly tonight.
~ Fang


  • 20/06/2013 (5:46 PM)

    My air conditioner just broke, so I’m silently cursing you while reading this. I would give anything for a cold beer and a nice dip in the pool.

    Really though, glad to hear your day went well!

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