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Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy programming and all, but fuck me if it isn’t frustrating as hell when you can’t find any kind of solution to a bug.

I had it all, this morning. I had it all. Intros and outros for the minigames worked, they had this neat little slide effect and all (thanks to me thinking up a nice way to implement linear interpolation, some other guy didn’t think there was a way better than his, heehee).
Okay something happened just now, I GOT IT TO WORK YYEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the larger joys in programming: fixing that thing that’s been bugging you all day!

Panic Attack function (but broken) sliders

Very, very special thanks go out to the awesome folks in the AGDG, for helping me out immensely by helping me figure out what was wrong, and how to fix it. I couldn’t have done it without those guys. Based.
GOD it feels good to have this done. It’s been fucking with me for the larger part of this day, and I finally splatted that bug! Turns out I didn’t really understand how OOP in Lua worked, but I learned now, I learned good!

Oh boy I’m so happy, this high’ll probably last so long I won’t even be able to get some sleep tonight, haha. Now I can finally get to pumping out minigames like no tomorrow. I would, if I didn’t still need to implement scoring, modifiers, and feel the need to juice up the menu a bit first. Also want an opening game to do before the menu, already got some ideas going for that. It’ll be FUN. At least, I hope it will.

See y’all tomorrow (which is not a Monday, but a Friday, apparently),
~ Fang


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  • 07/06/2013 (8:07 AM)

    Heh, neat little Warioware thing you’ve got going there.

    Also, relevant comic:

  • 07/06/2013 (12:27 AM)

    Yes Fang tomorrow (well today now actually) is a Friday. But really well done on fixing that problem. I saw your celebratory tweet but had no idea what it was about. I do know that coding is one of those things that’s pretty tricky. One tiny little character out of place can screw everything up and it can take hours to find and fix it, even if you know the problem. But you did it. So you’ve now gone up a level in programming skill. Time to begin grinding towards the next level and a new perk.

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